The love triangle between divinity and mankind

The love triangle
/ \
/ God\
/Christ \
/ human \
The love triangle can be understood as a situation that involves three people or being, each of whom loves at least one of the other,.if this is understood then I can conclude with an emphatic yes that the love triangle is a fitting axiom or axioms on to which one could fathom the extent of love that we experienced religiously and otherwise, such love was first seen, experienced, and appreciated by the first creative work by the creator the by product or the productive essence which was manifested and displayed in the existence of mankind (physical accomplishment ) The love triangle portrays the enormous, unlimited, infinite part which denotes the extent of the creators love towards his creations this same magnitude of love was extended towards the creation of his heavenly son and was transferred or transmuted to all other creatures,. the created,the love triangle is an analogy of the source of love and its extensiveness to all creations on the cosmos the creation were a product of love triangle that stipulate from the perception of a genuine intentions which was incorporated into a love triangle we found our selves today, love has his source just like how everyone human has a beginning, the second aspect involves the second stage of love which has a beginning and no ends but this is practically different from the first stage because the source of love has no beginning and no ends (God)this gives the distinction between the three aspects of love in a triangle, the extents to which the second or secondary aspect is experimental and theoretical this was also shown through the sacrificial death of the beloved son(Christ) it was a decisive decision from a willing heart,.the Third aspect is limited greatly because it has a beginning and an end(man) so the love triangle is practically very unintentional when it comes to man why because there is a limited access to how they express this love that is why I place them at the bottom it’s fitting to their natural abilities and what they are capable of insinuating at the brick of disapproval,.there is a limited space to which they can extend their love and their love can be measured in terms of gravity,faith,beauty, compassion, sympathy, empathy, hatred, race, society, development, educational, intelligence, psychologically, and religiously,. This are limitations right,.but we never saw this on the first and second aspect of the love triangle do we, an emphatic No the creator has no limits or a particular direction, an extent or a preferred race, society, educational, intellectuals, social status or religion,.man can not accommodate or change his ways easily if there is a no rewards accompanied those changes,.changes are of God,.
Some critics might want to prove this theory or axioms wrong but before they do so let me clarify their doubt, at first Gods love was limited Yes that’s true frankly speaking his love was strictly meted out to a particular races and society remember that this happened after the flood of Noah days but before the flood his love has no boundaries, but after the flood it does but to an extent, that was revealed after the flood but he later realise his mistakes and he adjusted his motives and his approach, if there is still doubt to his changes and his motives please read the book of Jonah why did God send him an errand that has mercy as a package in it,. Secondly from the renaissance period to the medieval times many scholars or religious leaders proclaim their religion or denominations as ordained by the Grand creator this again portrays the fact that what God has left behind as a Divine error which was adjusted through Christ Jesus was emulate as a way of life by this religious leaders in essence this religious pacifiers makes the world believes that the creators love is limited to a particular religion which in extent has a boundary and a limitation as a feature,. If you remember the love triangle you will see that this perspectives by religious scholars are plainly unfathomable,God love spreads through out the generations and beyond our wild expectations in he future this same love continues our majesty loves everyone ,every race, every language, religion, country,. despite our varied and numerous understanding,beliefs,spirituality, holiness, and knowledge towards him,. What we all are trying to achieve is his Approval, his Approval,.do you remember Cain and Abel, both of them brought sacrifice to the creator but the creator accepted the just one among the two offerings, what were they trying to achieve through those offerings they were seeking his love, his mercy, his loving approval and his grand majesty responded what happened afterwards death to the accepted soul and live to the rejected soul, all humans are seeking his loving approval and because of this we kill and murder ourselves in the name of a holy war,. History has a chronological preference of how many humans died because of a holy war our generation is not exempted from this menace or flaws that has crippled our forefathers over the generations we need new knowledge and understanding towards the creators love and his loving approval and how he adjust his ways over the years,. With novelty understanding we could try to adjust our motives and reasoning faculties towards religious standards and a better understanding towards his love that’s shared and appreciated by mankind a love that has know limitations,… Why I develop this love theory was to help individuals to comprehend every limitations or rather what limits humans from experiencing the source of love triangle, the bonds, boundaries, infiniteness and the extension of quadratic love between this three entities,.understanding this axiom will enable you who has a high expectations from religious (leaders) or pacifiers to rethink rethink please it’s better to comprehend your comprise than to fall asleep on a poisonous delicious meal that is served by those pacifiers,.

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