the essentials of labukiology

the essentials of labukiology

labukiology is a developing scientific field that investigate into construction environment or sites adaptability, working terms and conditions and the interactions between tradesman labourer and the foreman managerial skills,. this field is a sub-anthropological findings in a construction sites base on humans and the society at large,. human activities in a site could be classified as unskilled base on the fact that majority of workers in a construction site are unskilled and some times referred to as apprentice because it does not requires the four walls of education to get the works done another fact which the scholars pond on is the concepts that  tradesman labourers acquires their knowledge from fellow practitioners in the field those who have good numbers of years of experience in the field,the society has forgotten the essence of this group of persons in the world where by they  commonalities it as unimportant aspect of human endeavour a dirty substitute for a professional career in a civilized and developing countries,.labukiologist try to understand the full range of construction workers as well as what all people in a site  share in common and the societal huddles and the management conditions in a working environment because of this enveloped circumstances tradesman labourers tend to hide their true nature in a social gatherings which tend to have a psychological influence  which deprive social status,.labukiologist ask questions such as, how do tradesman labourers adapt to different construction environment?,why is it that construction sites are filled with unskilled manual workers  or tradesmen ?why is there so many youth working in a construction site ?why is bricks laying or tradesmen labourers are not a professional career but consider to be apprenticeship?why do the society neglect the art of tradsemans  labourers ?,why do foremen commit wage crimes such as theft ?,answers to these questions can help us to understand what it means to be an unskilled construction worker despite your tradesman apprenticeship skills,they can also help us to learn the ways and to meet the present day demand of a construction sites and how to benefit from it fully and how we might live  and accept the fate of been a tradesman in a social environment ,.much of the work of labukiology is base on three key concepts ,.tradesman labourer,unskilled and construction sites,.together,these concepts constitutes the primary ways in which labukiologist describes ,explains, and understand tradesman labourer,..(topics and contents will be added as we investigate more into this field)


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