.In my last post few days back I talked extensively on the portraits, images,books pamphlets or biblical story books, statues or any sort of materials portraying Christ facial expressions is idolatry or any scientific investigation base on research which is not concluded because of lack of evidence should be uprooted out of our minds,.what I still don’t fathomed about Christian believers and the creed d tat they follow is overwhelming I don’t know their why and the essence of their Christianity if filthiness is attached to it through our conducts and worship to YAHWEH and his son Jesus Christ ….  I still remember vividly what happened to the children of Israelites in mount Sinai, when they made the golden calf and worshipped it what was their outcome destruction and Gods anger blaze on them who wholely and deliberately worship the idol,.is it not an images a statue craft out of precious metals  per se..OK what does DANIEL chapter 3 says about  IDOLATRY of course the three Hebrew men refuse to worship a golden image craft or made by for Nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian king,.a very familiar story indeed with hidden truth about images worship and their popularity in our Christian circles..don’t get it wrong if Gods anger which was bought back through Christ sacrificial death should not be taken for granted   for his grace is not foolishness by default but by lovingkindness and Mercy through the lamp,.the use of images in our worship is detrimental to our Christian life,… What about the first commandments,.is to have no gods before him (exo 20:3,.deut 5:7).in addition,the construction of any images or the mention of its names was prohibited or forbidden,. The people would be binding themselves to an allegiance other than YAHWEH..What about the use of other architectural designs or images from artist in our homes?? yes such is the beauty of nature and its creative works it is not IDOLATRY or ANTICHRISTIAN,. what is detrimental here is the use of religious beings or figures at our worship or services to the creator when he says no to such things..but be mindful giving credence to images beyond physical recognition is IDOLATRY and one can be binding to it and the result is reverencing it in your heart which leads to IDOLATRY because the  bibles says. rightly said by Christ he says if you look at a woman and uncover her nudity in your heart Is adultery same principles or theory is applicable here,.something which goes beyond physical activity or recognition is reverence to that thing or an entity..   Theologically the reason given for prohibiting idols is that God is unique and unrepresentable (deut 4:15-17),.states that Israel saw no form of God at Sinai ,therefore ,they were not to make any image of him or any other object of creations, failure to acknowledge God as sovereign creator opens the door to IDOLATRY and spiritual blindness .      The fact that IDOLATRY would continue to be a threat to the church  is underscored by the many references to the worship of the image such image is a threat to your Christian life…       Friends let’s eliminate IDOLATRY out of our Christian life style ,.Paul’s commendation to the Thessalonians he says believers emphasize their turning from the service of idols to the service of the living and true God..YAHWEH…thanksModern day IDOLATRY will be coming soon….thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Osamwonyi


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