It’s of no amazement anymore that a lot of people majority of which are religious devotees had been placing hundreds of claims on the issues of the second coming of Jesus Christ;this proclamations has been seen in all regions of the globe it has become a global phinomina in recent decades beyond the medieval times to the 21st century..(please read on).  I thought this sickened ideology dead out many years ago but it came back with full backing or some digital backup;imagine a woman from UK attesting to claim she saw a facial image of Jesus Christ on a rising sun while she was photographing the rising sun from her sons bedroom;besides that a man in MEXICO also claimed he filmed the image of Jesus Christ while the eyes on the image was blinking in a chapel while the service was still on;in addition,in NIGERIA some individuals proclaimed they saw blood dropping down from the statute or image of Jesus Christ both hand and legs…. GOD forgive us,.    However many of the individuals who attested to this claims suffered from an abnormal views of imagery impediments from nature and matter which is scientifically known as PAREIDOLIA;.      PAREIDOLIA is a tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer,.such as interpreting marks on mars as CANALS, seeing shapes in CLOUDS, or hearing hidden messages in reversed music,seeing waters vapour evaporated from a tar roads as floods and many more..    Besides this claims posited by some religious groups or denominations psyching an average believer to be steadfast and have faith in providence or divine orchestrated believe which stipulate from an abnormal views or over concentration on an image of the son of God..(no one knows Jesus facial recognition),…don’t be deceived many people suffered from inherited shortcomings or impediments because of this,. religion and religious activities suffered as well,.     “The scriptures say the devil is a roaring lion seeking for someone to devour”;.please don’t be a victim or be victimize by this overhauling claims friends,.  God love those who seek him in truth and in spirit through the knowledge from the holy Scriptures his loving kindness and holy spirit will direct you on the part to righteousness.(bible)…..yours               Osamwonyi                    Thanks..,…!!!!!!


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