OPPORTUNITIES SOLICIT FOR ATTENTION EACH DAY YOU STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE…   Those potentials are God given degrees upon your existence discover the opportunities, embrace the opportunities, fight for the opportunities, dance with opportunities, dine with opportunities, sleep with opportunities, go into a relationship with opportunities, sail with opportunities,. Opportunities can be seen at every institutions either academic institution, religious, NGO’s or the Internet’s, opportunities are inseparable from all human activities,  Opportunities lies inside you they speak with you on daily bases they drive at the same lane with you, they fight for your attention at every slightest endeavours,.opportunities knock on your dream door on daily basis asking you to notice them  just like how JESUS keep on knocking on at the door of souls of the unrighteous,. Opportunities can be knocking on your door right now,. Do you recognize them?? Is the biggest question ever known to man….thanks                        Osamwonyi.


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