Thirteen things facebook is not meant for….

Thirteen things facebook is not meant for… (just be wise folks).learn from this.

1.facebook is not an avenue for you to pour out your future plans,. Be smart don’t need those likes and comments trust me.
2.facebook is not a counselling Centre or a therapeutic specialist,. be wise.
3.facebook is not a depressant medicine as some are fun of viewing it as an avenue to runaway from depression,. You will be amazed after you logged out same depression is waiting for you, be realistic.
4. Facebook is not an avenue for you to discuss your family limitations and restrictions in life, who cares, when people comment on your problem and like your post does it solve your problems or proffer a solution to it,. Hmm. Think twice.
5.facebook is not an avenue for bed time stories,. Buy a book and educate your self, no two ways about it..period
6.facebook is not an avenue to showcase an elaborate and extravagant lifestyle through fashion and stylish attires,. You might fall into a snare or the den of wolves, how many times have you seen dangote the riches man in Africa showing off his wealth or the owner of global com,or Microsoft, when you hide success the world will locate you but when you show off, the world will neglect you. Be warned
7.facebook is not an avenue to fascinate folks because of your recent environment in diaspora or abroad,. Your helper might think you are better off now so there is no need to help you…be ahead of others..
8.facebook is not an avenue to tell the world your present state of health, when some are ill they turn to Facebook as if facebook is your medical practitioner or the drugs you need to take to defeat the ill health,.for God sake,stop been childish.
9.facebook is not an avenue to be truthful with all folks because 97 percent of facebook users or facebook citizenry are fantastic and bloody crooks they lie more than Judas.
10.facebook is not an avenue to share your privation or poverty stricken lifestyle with those old houses and savage environment,. Turn to God for help he cares and he will provide for you and leave facebook for business minded people,
11.face book is not an avenue for you to show the world the kind of food you ate during the weekend,are you the first, don’t you think that people knew were fabulous eateries or cafeteria are located and the delicious food they have seen and eat, oh.. hmm childhood mentality,..
12.facebook is not an avenue to find love birds, can true love be found on pictures without experiencing the practical aspect of sure entity, love is not by sight it’s deeper than what the eyes could see..don’t be an idealist in a World of lies approximately to perilous ending.
13. Facebook is not an avenue for you to post your nudest pictures, what separate you from that psychotic patients by the roadside, if you want a strip club visit pornographic centers or websites they are waiting for you with eagerness and display your demonic feminism, and leave those simple minded and gentle individuals to enjoy the company of their old time friends and stop influencing their mood, for they are like sheep without shepherd, don’t lead them to the slaughterhouse. Please and please…..God is watching us all…Moses wrote the ten commandments when he was inspired by God in Mount Sinai, and many of the Israelite still fail to realize the awesomeness of God blessings through his commandments and many fall into the snare of mental worship which they cast by beautiful jewelries which was given to them by the Egyptians as gift from God, yeweh bless the Israelite through the Egyptians but they turn it against him, we should not repeat history in our days the story of Moses is a lesson we can learn from, God has blessed us with facebook, whatapp, tweeter and many more, why are we turning it against him for this wonderful avenue to win souls for Gods kingdoms and make disciples for him through our devoted and gospel post, many are lost, use this gift from God to glorify him win souls for the grand sovereignty Jehovah God and multiply the population of God kingdoms and depopulate the Kingdom of darkness..
@ Osamwonyi Moses…..God loves you all.


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